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Basic Description:  '>God of Venus, one of the Nine Planets.

Alternate Names:  Sukra

History/Practices:  The Hindu name for the day Friday, Sukravara, is named after him.  Urumbasa is sacred to Shukra.

Mythology:  Blindness Myth:  While Vishnu was in the form of a dwarf he visited Bali.  Shukra understood who the dwarf was and asked Bali to send him away.  Bali ignored Shukra’s request and granted the request of the dwarf instead.  Bali was required to pour water from a vessel, but Shukra knew it was a trick and so he entered the water to protect his master and held the water in the vessel.  Vishnu saw through this trick and put a straw in the vessel, poking Shukra in the eye.  Shukra then came out and was forever blind in one eye from the straw.


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