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Basic Description:  Rukmini is an incarnation of the goddess Lakshmi, the shakti of the god Vishnu.  Rukmini appears when Vishnu is found in the avatar of Krishna.  She is considered the most beloved of Krishna’s wives, but still holds second place to Radha, Krishna's mistress.

Mythology:  There is conflict between Rukmini and the gopi, Radha, who is usually pictured alongside Krishna.  ;In Hindu scripture Rukmini is often viewed as the personification of religion.  

Marrying Krishna: During the time when Krishna ruled Dwaraka, he conquered many kingdoms, killing the evil rulers of each one.  Between all of these kings there were 16,000 women imprisoned in the various palaces.  Krishna, who most certainly loved women, did not want these consorts to become old maids.  Therefore, he married all of them.

In addition to these wives, Krishna married eight other women.  Rukmini, the daughter of the king of Vidarbha, was a part of this group and is considered the most important wife.  She had previously been betrothed to King Shishupala, despite the fact that she was in love with Krishna.  In order to stop the wedding, Krishna, his brother Balarama, and a group of soldiers stormed the palace to kidnap her before the ceremony.  Feelings between Shishupala and Krishna were very poor from that point onwards.

Krishna and Rukmini had one son, a reincarnated version of Kama—the Hindu god of love.  Although Kama died, the people prayed for his return, whereupon he was born again to this pair and named Pradyumna.

Consort: Rukmini is married to Krishna.  


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